Data. Maps. Mobile.

TuxGeo+ is a managed solution platform by Tuxuri for quickly building and working with large sets of data from enterprises and putting them on a map, making them accessible from everywhere, from desktops to mobile.

TuxGeo Data

  • GeoData Importer
  • GeoData Editor
  • GeoData Exporter

TuxGeo Maps

  • High quality printable maps
  • Visualizes millions of map features
  • On-the-fly feature visualization

TuxGeo Mobile

  • Field data collection
  • Web, Android, iOS
  • Secured access to your data

TuxGeo Core

  • Access Control
  • User Management
  • Feature Data API

TuxGeo Tracker

  • Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Workforce Management

TuxGeo Address

  • Smart Address Search
  • Standard Address Convertor
  • Address Geocoding